Successful Interns Stories

The internship was a worthwhile experience, and I feel it has prepared me well for my professional career. During my internship, I gained a variety of soft and hard skills that will apply to my future career. My team was great to work with, and my supervisor encouraged me to take on any project … read more

It was a great memory when I got selected for this internship program. I was so excited to experience a new chapter in my life. During the 3 months of the internship period, I have learned a deep knowledge of front-end and back-end technologies which will help me in my future job paths. I will a… read more

It is a very descriptive and detailed internship program with practical examples and case studies like an industrial workflow. The program links interns to the industry and the environment of an industry. A particularly useful program and highly recommended. Now, I am a Junior Programmer in the … read more

Great! What a journey it has been. Lots more to learn. Alhamdulillah

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This is Mohammad Istiaq Uddin. I pursued the 6th round virtual internship programme organized by the collaboration of BUET-eSRD lab and Mysoft Technology. Briefly, I had an amazing journey throughout this three month period. I have learned a lot of new skills throughou… read more

It was a fantastic internship. The internship taught me a lot, particularly working with professionals in the industry. In my future professional life, I can use this internship experience. Following my internship, I am recruited as a Junior Programmer at the eSRD lab in the Department of C… read more

The Internship had amazing training sessions, growth phases and plenty of fresh insights. I developed skills in organizing and interpreting E-commerce datasets, becoming proficient in multidimensional modelling techniques, data pre-processing, frameworks, and various analytical tools a… read more


This internship has been instrumental in enhancing my foundational knowledge and providing me with a clear roadmap for professional development. The experience has not only bolstered my understanding of the industry but has also proven invaluable in preparing me for job intervie… read more

Doing this internship opened my eyes to how much I could learn and need to grow. So far, my knowledge has been purely on academics, but this internship helped me learn more about industrial and real-life applications. Not only did I learn new ways to solve problems, but I also gained a clea… read more